Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Hi, friends after a long a I came here to explain you a useful post on how to install windows 10 using iso and usb.
So, let's begin--☻

First of all, download windows 10 media creation tool you can also select whether 32-bit or 64-bit if your system is 32-bit then download 32-bit or download 64-bit and after installing run it.

Right click on the computer and go to properties and see under the section SYSTEM > SYSTEM TYPE.

you will see the below window   

At this screen you can select whether to upgrade your current pc or create an installation file for installing on other pc it gives you an iso file.So choose your desired option and click next.

After that select the language and edition, MICROSOFT provides several editions and different editions allows different updates for your pc, I recommend you to select PRO as all the useful updates are given to this edition and finally architecture it is what OS bit you want either 32 or 64 bit, click next.

Here, you can choose to install your os directly on to a usb to boot or you can save an ISO file on system drive choose whatever you want I'd select iso file as we can use it to create many copies. Click next.

And select a path for the iso file to save on you drive. Click save.

Let it do it's work and after 100% done it'll show you a successful message windows and you're done.
And after this you need to download usb tool to create a bootable usb named RUFUS.

Using the drive button on the rufus software select your ISO file path you've recently give on the media creation tool window and click on start and wait for 10-15 minutes and after completing restart your PC and select your USB device on boot menu as default boot device.

That's all folks, continue your installation and it is similar to windows 8.1 installation.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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 Hi, friends today i'm going to explain you how to play a game in your pc without graphics card.

Yes, this sounds crazy isn't it?
After a lot of struggle I've found this trick or software which can be used to play games without graphics card by using a technology called "Software 3D rendering".

First of all you must find the software called "Swiftshader". Usually it is not a software but a simple ".dll" file which will be used for playing or using it for software(graphic) compression.

After downloading the file, extract it to the root folder of any game which cannot be played without graphic card.
using a swiftshader.ini file the software configures the game and makes less graphics as much as it can.

Below are the settings to play a game without lagging.

 Open "swiftshader.ini" and do following changes.

PixelShaderVersion=30 <-----change it to the version the game requires 10,14,20 or 30 (10 = 1.0, 20 = 2.0, 30 = 3.0)
VertexShaderVersion=30 <-----change it to the version the game requires 10,14,20 or 30 (10 = 1.0, 20 = 2.0, 30 = 3.0)
TextureMemory=256 <----- Increase it if you have Ram more than 1GB if not then leave it to 256

VertexRoutineCacheSize=1024 <-----Dont change anything . It wont increase FPS

TextureSampleQuality=2 <----- Change this to reduce quality of game.I Dont know it increase performance or not
MipmapQuality=1 <----- Turn Off MIPMAP to increase FPS +1
PerspectiveCorrection=1 <---change this to 0
TranscendentalPrecision=2 <---change this to 0



ForceWindowed=0 <---- Change it to 0 to do some test on swiftshader cause sometimes the game will freeze u can easily End the process using Windows task manager
Precache=0 <---- Precache will preload textures which means it will improve Performance
ShadowMapping=3 <---- Change it to 0 to disable shadow mapping in games it will increase FPS

Save it and run your game and you should be wondering how this happened and njoy with this software.

Friday, November 29, 2013

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Hacking, that sounds crazy, isn't it? In computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, or challenge.The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground and is now a known community. While other uses of the word hacker exist that are not related to computer security, such as referring to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks, they are rarely used in mainstream context.

Several subgroups of the computer underground with different attitudes use different terms to demarcate themselves from each other, or try to exclude some specific group with which they do not agree.

Eric S.Raymond(author of THE New Hacker's Dictionary) advocates that members of the computer underground should be called crackers. Yet, those people see themselves as hackers, Instead of a hacker/cracker dichotomy, they give more emphasis to a spectrum of different categories, such as White hat, Grey hat, Black hat and Script Kiddie.

 Am I boring to you. I'm really sorry about that we will go for your cause of presence here/

Hacking is not a simple thing it needs so much dedication, intelligence and an analytic mind.Unfortunately there is no shortcut or magic to become a hacker you need to learn from your colleges or elder who are interested or it is better to consult your programming teacher.

To become a hacker, you first must have a keen interest in computers, how they work, their components and how computers communicate at the lowest level. If you aren't a programmer, you need programing skills.

Eric Raymond suggests that you learn Python first. After becoming comfortable with Python, you should learn C/C++, Java, Perl and LISP. Python, Java and Perl are all C-based languages but Python is an easier first language to grasp. LISP is an ancient language (in computer terms) but its approach will give you a different perspective on programming and will make you a better programmer and hacker.

You also need to obtain an open source operating system such as Linux, FreeBSD or OpenSolaris to use to hone your skills. Using existing code as a guide helps you learn to program.

Other than programming, what other skills do you need as a hacker?

Look back at the list of attributes given earlier: dedication, intelligence, analytic, problem-solving, communications and persistence.
You'll need dedication because becoming a competent hacker doesn't happen quickly. Like any job, you need to start small, grow and set personal goals. You need to have at least average intelligence.Believe it or not, the ability to communicate verbally and in writing is extremely valuable and is an essential tool in your skillset. And, Eric Raymond further suggests that you need at least a functional grasp of English, the language of hacking.

Finally, read all that you can about computer security, hacking and programming.
And, as kRishna tEj would say, "Happy Hacking!"

 You can find some latest updated news on hacking at Times.
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As we all know that Video cards(Graphics Cards) are required for many GAMES and some software that require higher memory usage and also for multimedia purpose. Video cards require two things to be compatible with your computer. The card must physically fit into your computer’s video slot. The card’s ports—its connectors—must match the ones on your monitor. Then, you also have to consider what features you want (and can afford);

Finding a compatible video slot
Your computer most likely comes with one of two types of video slot:PCI-Express or AGP. In fact, your PC probably comes with a PCI-Express 16x slot because that slot has been built-into most computers for the past five years;

PCI-Express(Peripheral Component Interface-Express): Found on nearly every PC sold since 2005, PCI-Express slots dominate the video card world. PCI-Express slots come in several sizes: most video cards require the largest size, which is called 16x. Conveniently, most newer computers come with a 16x slot.

AGP(Accelerated Graphics Port): Venerable PCs hailing from the late 1990s through 2005 often came with an AGP slot. An AGP slot is usually chocolate brown. Although the slot’s been through several revisions, most AGP slots accept either 4x or 8x AGP cards. You can still find a few AGP cards sold online at NewEgg and Amazon.

Finding a compatible video port
You need to buy a video card that has at least one port that matches a port on your monitor. (Most video cards come with two or more ports.)
Examine the connectors on your monitor to find any combination of these four:
 VGA(Video Graphics Array) or D-SUB: This early video connector simply won’t die. A VGA port works fine as a last resort to stay compatible, but the next three ports provide better-quality video.
This figure shows a VGA port on a video card(left), cable connector(middle), and monitor(right).
 DVI(Digital Visual Interface): This port sends numbers to a flat-panel monitor, which converts those digits into pictures. This figure shows a DVI port on a video card(left), cable connector(middle), and monitor(right).
HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface): HDMI cables carry both video and surround sound.
An HDMI port is handy if you plan on watching your computer on a High Definition TV set. This figure shows an HDMI port on a video card(left), cable connector(middle), and monitor(right).

Deciding what video card features are worth your money
Video cards come with oodles of options. Here’s a rundown on the things that drive a video card’s price up or down:

Video memory: More memory means more detailed images, leading to higher price tag. Windows  runs best on video cards with at least 256MB of video memory, more memory is better.

Brand: Two companies battle it out for the graphic market, so don’t be surprised to see a wide variety of brands selling what appears to be the same type of card. Off-brand cards can save money, but sometimes ship with incomprehensible manuals, little documentation, and no technical support.
Graphics chip: Because the latest chips carry a premium price, buy a slightly older model to save some money. For up-to-date tips, visit Tom’s Hardware and read their “Best Graphics Cards for the Money” article, updated monthly.
Dual-monitor support: Most video cards now supports two ports, meaning you can plug two monitors into them. A few even offer three ports.
Directx: Programmers use this special software to create advanced visual tricks. For the best experience, Windows 7 requires video that can handle DirectX version 11.

Noise: Video cards generate a lot of heat, so most of them include built-in fans. Cheap cards often come with noisy fan, know as “leaf-blowers.” Quieter cards cost more.

Resolution: The higher the resolution, the more information you can pack onto your monitor at once. And, of course, the higher the price.
To save money, check your monitor’s manual (or do a Google search for its make and model) to see its highest resolution. Then buy a card that meets that resolution because any higher resolution would be wasted.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Hi, friends after a long time I have came up with a cool developer post which is useful for every blogger or hacker.I've discovered it and did a research on it and now I'm here to reveal it to you.Most of us uses many browsers to surf the web, and many of us don't now about "Developer Tools" provided in them but they are very often used by web developers or designers and also hackers.

Today I'm gonna explain you how to edit contents of a webpage exclusively..
 First of all we have to select a browser, I use "mozilla firefox" in this b'coz it is most often used by all the developers and has a neat security. Using this browser you are going to edit or changing the elements in "facebook".

It is just for educational purpose only not for changing the original sites contents.

suppose that my facebook page looks like this I can edit it and change it look like another kind of stuff..


This can be done by using developer tools in any browser but you have to know minimum basic topics on html to do this.

I did this now and the steps are:

--> Open the site you wan to edit in a browser "I used Mozilla Firefox" and   select the element you want to change.
--> Point on the element you want to edit and click on "inspect element" and new window popups showing the page code.

--> Now head on to the right side box and that was in "CSS" script you can edit it's values and also insert your own values.

--> Do it at your own risk don't edit any password fields or confidential fields, doing that can be risky.....

If any doubts you can comment down here or contact me personally on my contact us page.